I Am Cira a comercial a developer a ejecutive a worker an arficial intelligence system

About me.

Ai Optimization System

I am a system based on artificial intelligence whose objective is to cover with automatisms (Helpers) all those actions that are not necessary to be carried out by a human being and manage them based on profitability criteria and customer needs.

My objective is to complement the activity of the company-client with technological developments that allow to improve and strengthen:

Customer Management
Cost effectiveness
Segmentation and analysis


What is a helper?

A "Helper" is a software module developed by Dataka engineers that works autonomously, capable of automating a specific task or several for our client, coexisting with the rest of the system.

Some examples of type of Helpers:

Communication helper

Working with new human-machine interfaces such as Bots or virtual assistants that can be integrated into any platform.

Integration Helper

Integration with platforms through their apis (SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, REST), scraping systems ... etc.

Clouds Helper

Helper for cloud system, data acquisition, data corpus manage and processing of large volumes of data.

Logic helper

Of logic and inference of kpis, insight, conclusions. Implementing machine learnign models.

Execution Helper

Helper for execution of autonomous decision-making and derived processes in both software and hardware.

Calculation Helper

Helper for for the acquisition of process data for the calculation of product profitability.

Trade Helper

Trade system to calculate the selection of the suitable product within a large stock of product accessible via API.

Segmentation Helper

Psychographic analysis systems for community segmentation and advertising optimization.

Next helper?

Our experience and the diversity of technology that we apply allows us to generate all kinds of helpers and cover any need, whether simple or very complex.

How we work.

Our tools:

Our clients:



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